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La statue - Duo Bouffe

ComposerErnest Reyer
Voytek Gagalka
Lyricist Jules Paul Barbier, Michel Florentin Carré
Genre Classical / Opera
Instrumentation Piano, Bass
Scored forDuo
Type of scorePiano-vocal score
Key G major
Movement(s) 1 to 1 from 1
Duration 5'3"
Difficulty Difficult
Year of composition 1861
In this scene from "La statue" act 2 (original version), two basses are facing each other in the funny "Duo Bouffe" or "Comical duet": Kaloum-Barouck determined to marry his own young niece, and Amgiad the genie determined to do everything to prevent that from happening. For that purpose he changes his shape and, looking exactly like Kaloum, as his double incarnated, faces him now, claiming to be no one else but "real" Kaloum himself! Thus it is "his" house, "his" possessions, and "his" servants. Astonished real Kaloum is beside himself with displeasure and anger facing this insolent intruder claiming to be himself! Indeed, he *looks* exactly like him and repeats his very words as echo (listen to their canon!) Finally Kaloum has enough and calls his servants for help, but not capable to determine who is who confused poor chaps follow the money: Amgiad pays them more - therefore they listen to him and throw out real Kaloum from his own house!

The last fragment of this brisk scene is the spoken dialogue with orchestral background and thus cannot be recorded properly without using real human voices. The scene is arranged as the duet for two basses with piano accompaniment but recorded here as duet of the two VST instruments: Kaloum is represented by the bass clarinet solo and Amgiad by the tuba solo.

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